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Topaz Impression Post-Processed

There are some images that seem to call out for further messing with.

Fortunately there are post-processing applications that let me mess around. One of these is Topaz Lab's Impression.

This app allows me to play with a range of effects, from cartoonish to impressionistic, and I've got to admit that I often like the result much more than my original image.

There are those photographers who would argue that this isn't photography, that it takes post-processing entirely too far. I can understand this and attempt (meaning that sometimes I forget) to label such by identification, such as 'post-processed in Topaz Impression'.

Very few photographers, I'm guessing, don't do some sort of post-work to enhance their images...a tweak here to change the contrast, a tuck there to play with the exposure. But that's different than making the changes that turn a photographic image into something that wouldn't normally come directly out of a camera.

So is that cheating? Not if it is identified as having beem majorally messed with, and particularly if it is pleasing to look at.

Some might call it art.

Click on the images to go to a very full gallery of such 'art'.