Street Photography: The Art of the Flaneur - StirlingR

I'd heard about street photography (basically the capturing in photos chance encounters with people in any number of settings) but had never considered myself to be a street photographer.

Then I began reviewing my body of work and discovered that, by accident, I had become one...almost.

The part that is missing is that street photography involves the intention to focus on just that, meaning a planned journey to preserve images of people in a setting selected for that purpose. All of mine to date have been part of  'go out and shoot whatever...' excursions or have been designed to convey the essence of an event, such as a dog show or equine event, where the spectators are sometimes the most interesting aspect (particularly, for me, at dog shows).

With that in mind I'll have to re-visit certain urban locations, such as Baltimore's Inner Harbor or Reston's Lake Anne Waterfront, which have already presented some great shots, some of which are in the photos in this blog.

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